The employees of The Agency For Implementing Safety Systems HEKTOR prevent all types of theft and robbery attempts and the vandalising of outdoor territories thanks to their continuous presence in protected facilities.
They watch over the safety of people and property, carrying out all necessary actions related to controlling individual and vehicle traffic. External and internal protection of a facility eliminates the risk of damages which could emerge as a result of crimes and violations against property.
The protection system is individually designed based on the analysis of needs and potential threats which stem from the character of client’s business. Before we start providing the service, an audit of the current security system is conducted. Drawing from it, the facility coordinator develops a detailed physical protection plan, which shows algorithms of reacting in situations deviating from everyday norms of the facility’s operation.

As far as standard physical property protection is concerned, our clients have at their disposal tested and trained employees who are supplied with wireless communication systems. The security guards are also uniformed, provided with a photo ID and, importantly, controlled by an electronic system which enforces that they carry out their duties in accordance with the developed plan. Every employee of The Agency For Implementing Safety Systems Hektor has the possibility to summon a motorised intervention group equipped with direct instruments of coercion and firearms in case an emergency situation occurs on the premises of a protected facility.



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The Agency For Implementing Safety Systems Hektor also provides services to companies which manage real estate. We are well-aware of the high expectations and requirements which these kinds of contracts impose. This is why when we second our security guards to your offices we pay attention to their qualifications, good manners and appearance.  


We also carry out tasks related to the physical protection of the following types of facilities:


  • Industrial and warehouse facilities

Since the beginning of its operation in 2000, The Agency For Implementing Safety Systems Hektor-Warsaw has provided services in large and medium industrial plants and warehouses as well as facilities requiring compulsory protection under the Physical and Property Protection Act and other buildings which are especially important for the economy. For each and every industrial facility we prepare the analysis of threats, taking into consideration aspects such as the character of the facility, its location and technical control systems. Thanks to our precise, effective and carefully observed operation procedures, we can ensure the safety of facilities of any size.


  • Residential facilities: housing estates and residences

We provide a comprehensive service to residents of housing estates and residences. Combining the protection of individuals and property, modern prevention technologies as well as methods of curbing crime, we are able to ensure the highest level of security. It is possible by implementing procedures tailored specifically to a given facility. We reach high safety levels thanks to permanent and immediate physical protection as well as modern technical devices such as CCTV, access control or the control of inspections systems. As a result of conducting audits of current security levels, we can customise the range of our services both to housing communities and residencies.

  • Commercial and public utility facilities

The offer of The Agency For Implementing Safety Systems Hektor –Warsaw is aimed not only at larger shopping centres, but also at smaller facilities such as pharmacies or clothing shops. Our longtime experience in providing protection services has allowed us to establish procedures and systems of protective measures. Our security officers are prepared to take action also in crisis situations, for example when a fire occurs in a facility or in case of an emergency evacuation.