Protection agency which meets the expectations of the 21st century

Protection agencies didn’t have a good reputation. Pensioners and annuitants employed based on unclear conditions, robust strongmen standing outside a club or a discothèque, low salaries, 24/7 shifts – these are stereotypes that the protection industry used to be associated with. Hopefully, this image is now only history. See what the market of modern protection services looks like and who can benefit from it.

Protection services industry

According to a variety of sources, over 6,000 protection agencies operate in Poland and their number is continuously growing. In the Mazovian district there are over 150 business entities offering such services. It is estimated that they hire over 300,000 employees. Although the protection market is highly fragmented, which rather negatively affects its condition, there are business entities which manage to develop in such circumstances.

It is correlated with the fact that protection services are now in demand. In this day and age our sense of safety is a highly-appreciated value. While in the past only large corporations benefitted from the services offered by the protection industry, currently, also smaller entities as well as private individuals become clients of protection agencies.

What does a protection agency deal with?

The range of services offered by a protection agency is broad and can be divided into two main areas:

Physical protection – encompasses the protection of individuals and property in a given facility as well as professional reception services. Security guards keep a constant watch over a certain area in order to prevent, detect and react to any types of undesired events such as thefts, burglaries or vandalism outside the facility as well as ensure protection for individuals within locations.

Technical controls: – technical protection encompasses issues related to designing, installing and maintaining security and alarm systems. One of such systems is access control which electronically controls the traffic of individuals or vehicles on the premises of the protected facility. Other types of technical controls include CCTV, anti-burglary systems, intercoms and video-intercoms.

Protection agency: permanent and / or immediate cooperation
When you begin cooperation with a protection agency you may choose permanent or immediate protection services.

Permanent protection means that the employees of a protection agency keep a constant watch over the protected facility, both during and after its working hours. This means that the facility is protected also when employees leave work and go home.

Immediate protection means that the facility is protected for a limited period of time. In practice, a security guard arrives at the facility after being called upon by the client or, alternatively, the client and the guard arrange days, hours and the frequency of patrol.

Such flexibility is extremely convenient for our clients as they can choose the type of patrol which is perfectly suited to their needs and financial possibilities.

A protection agency – (not) for every one?

The times when only few entities used the services offered by protection companies are gone. Today both large corporations as well as small businesses and individuals cooperate with protection agencies. Every group has different needs. The offer of protection agencies is so flexible and wide that it will satisfy the needs of every one of them.

Business clients are predominantly looking for comprehensive services which offer the protection of the facility, the individuals working in it and its surroundings. Most commonly, the cooperation between the agency and the companyincludes the following aspects: keeping records of persons entering and exiting the building, monitoring selected floors of the facility, around-the-clock protection of the property located in the building.

The majority of our individual clients are owners of detached houses, who want to provide protection to their families and themselves. In such cases, the security agency is frequently hired at the construction stage to keep a close look at the materials which are placed there. It is also watches over the property when residents are at work or go on vacation.

In this day and age we all have an enormous need to feel safe, which means that a protection agency is an ideal solution both for companies and private clients. The key to success is finding the right company. How can we do it?

How to recognise a good protection agency?

The fragmentation of protection services industry may be beneficial from clients’ perspective. High competition means lower prices. On the other hand, the large number of available companies doesn’t make our choice easier. How can a citizen of Warsaw find the right protection agency if they have to choose from dozens of businesses? Many of us opt for the simplest solution, that is the Google search engine. Having typed “protection agency warsaw,” one will be presented with a list of business entities which provide such services on the territory of a given city. Then, we need to take a look at the offer of selected agencies, contact them and talk through all the details. It consumes a lot of time, but trust me, it is worth it!

What to pay close attention to?

You need to find out:

– If the agency has a licence issued by the Ministry of Interior and Administration, which confirms that it is allowed to provide individual and property protection services carried out through offering physical protection and technical controls,

– If the agency has a liability insurance – it is a necessary requirement,

– Experience: It’s worth checking how long the company has operated in the market and what kind of entities it has so far cooperated with. Remember that larger doesn’t always mean better. Although there are numerous giants in the protection industry, smaller companies are also worth taking into consideration.They usually have much better relationships with their clients.

During the next stage, it is important to ask about working methods and reaction times as well as the company’s familiarity with new technologies.

Modern technologies in protection agencies

Technological developments constitute a significant opportunity for the security industry. First of all, new solutions enhance the effectiveness of protection. Secondly, they lead to lower costs because people’s work is replaced with machines. It seems that the existence of companies which do not follow the latest trends is no longer justified in the market.

The best protection agencywhat is it?

Many people would say: cheap and reliable. Indeed, the price is one of the more important criteria which determines the choice of the agency. However, it should not be the decisive factor. It is important to remember that price equals quality and one’s safety is a value that no one should try to save money on.

A good protection agency is flexible and can adjust to clients’ needs. It sounds cliché but unfortunately large protection companies often prioritise formulas over clients’ expectations. The ability to listen to a client is a skill that some agencies have forgotten.

What else allows a good protection agency to stand out? Recommendations of satisfied clients. We are happy to share one of them with you.


AWSB-Hektor  is a protection agency from Warsaw which has operated on the market since 2000. It is experienced in cooperating with smaller and bigger business entities as well as with individual clients. If you decide to choose the AWSB – Hektor agency, you have the guarantee that you will be provided with the highest quality of services, which you can check by verifying their licences. Apart from the commonly required documents, the agency holds tort insurance which increases the value of the liability insurance up to 1,000,000 and Quality Management System Certificate in accordance with the PN-EN ISO 9001: 2000 standard. The company successfully makes use of modern technologies, but most importantly, listens to its clients. The relationship with them is the foundation of its operation.


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