Reception services: individual and property protection

usługi recepcyjne


As part of individual and property protection offer, The Agency For Implementing Safety Systems Hektor provides professional reception services carried out by qualified employees. In order to render such a service, the agency delegates individuals who not only have large experience and special training in reception work but also possess appropriate knowledge of a foreign language. Professional reception services are, therefore, indispensible in ensuring that physical protection of individuals is at the highest level.

While offering reception services, it is our priority to guarantee that the company operates efficiently not only during its daily work but also when an emergency situation occurs. For this reason, our employees have knowledge of issues related to physical protection services, approved safety procedures and emergency procedures.


Employees who carry out reception tasks are responsible, among others, for:

  • Keeping record of individuals allowed to enter the premises, announcing guests and issuing passes,
  • Checking with interested employees if a customer/guest can be allowed into their office,
  • Coordinating the traffic of individuals and goods on the premises of the protected facility,
  • Providing information to visiting clients and guests,
  • Distributing press,
  • Issuing keys and keeping record of keys,
  • Connecting telephone conversations,
  • Other services adapted to clients’ needs and expectations,

Benefits for the client:

  • Optimising costs,
  • Saving time and the possibility to concentrate on strategic business goals,
  • Hiring individuals who perfectly match the needs and the organisational culture of the company.