Technical controls AND Alarm systems

The longtime professional experience has allowed The Agency For Implementing Safety Systems Hektor to gain a reputation of being a reliable partner in providing technical control services. Our offer ranges from the development of technical projects or concepts, the delivery of the devices and their installation to developing safety procedures and providing training in this field.

We also provide warranty and non-warranty maintenance and repair services. The Agency employs specialists in designing, installing and servicing protection and alarm systems. It has a licence issued by the Ministry of Interior and Administration, which allows for providing comprehensive technical controls.

Facility protection
access control system

Our agency offers the assembly, maintenance service and expansion of various types of access control systems which are individually tailored to the needs and expectations of clients. Access Control System is one of many technical electronic control systems used to manage the traffic of individuals and vehicles on the premises of the protected facility. It also verifies access to specific zones and registers individuals who stay in the building at a given time. Additionally, the system allows to significantly increase the protection level of the facility as well as limit the number of unauthorised individuals and monitor the working hours of the company’s employees.

  • Biometric mechanism of confirming identity (identifying fingerprints, palm geometry, facial geometry, iris, voice),
  • Cards, codes, gates, turnstiles,
  • Control of individual traffic and presence of those who are authorised to stay on the premises of the protected facility,
  • Handling driver and vehicle traffic,
  • Integration with other protection and surveillance systems,
  • Possibility to process data collected through the system.

Assets of the access control system:

  • Serviceless process of granting user permissions,
  • Increased levels of the company’s property protection,
  • Instantaneus identification and monitoring of events,
  • Greater comfort: you carry one card instead of many keys.
systemy kontroli dostępu
Systemy kamer

Closed circuit television system (CCTV)

The CCTV system transmits images and is used to supervise the space or rooms in which cameras have been installed. Currently, CCTV systems are indispensible in an office building, store, bank or a petrol station. They are also invaluable when permanent physical protection service is provided to an individual. Interestingly, an increasing number of private clients take advantage of CCTV systems in order to be able to observe the area surrounding their houses.
Surveillance television system CCTV:

  • Wide area systems (in cities),
  • Remote preview, also via the Internet,
  • Thermal imaging cameras,

Assets of the CCTV system:

  • Increase in the property protection levels,
  • The material recorded at the hard disc of the recorder can be used by the police as evidence,
  • Increase in the efficiency of employees,
  • Effortless storage and viewing of the recorded material,
  • Possibility to identify an employee, guest or an intruder,
  • Possibility to keep the area under surveillance also in darkness thanks to devices equipped with infrared radiation.

Anti-Burglary and anti-robbery signalling system

An alarm system is one of the most popular elements used to protect a facility. When appropriately designed and configured, it allows for identifying the tiniest attempt of a burglary or sabotage. The system can be flexibly programmed by dividing the protected facility into zones and equipping them with glass break detectors, shock sensors, water discharge sensors, gas and smoke detectors. The messages from the alarm control room can be sent using various methods, for example, to the user’s mobile phone or to the central alarm monitoring station of the personal and property protection agency.

The anti-burglary and anti-robbery system includes:

  • Alarm monitoring station with a power supply unit and battery,
  • Manipulator,
  • Various types of detectors and sensors,
  • Outdoor or indoor signalling device,
  • Transmitter,
  • A remote control or a hidden button which signal robbery are frequently additional elements of the system.
systemy alarmowe warszawa

intercom and video-intercom systems

Most commonly used in houses, flats and other facilities to identify quests and to remotely open the door. The expansion of the standard intercom system is a video intercom system. Some of the systems allow for the internal communication between tenants and employees of the personal and property protection agency.


information and communications technology systems

  • Integrated structured cabling,
  • Protection of facilities – monitoring and navigating the facility’s automation,
  • Fibre-optic network,
  • SAP fire alarm system,
  • Ventilating and smoke vent system,
  • Automatic gas extinguishing system,
  • Sound warning system.
systemy teleinformatyczne