Good forecasts for the security industry

The previous year was very dynamic for physical and property protection agencies. The introduction of the minimal hourly rate as well as the obligation to deduct social insurance contributions in case of civil-law contracts hasn’t slowed or stifled the growth of the industry. Quite the opposite, 2017 saw an acceleration in its development.

The value of physical and property protection market

Companies providing security services have successfully dealt with the increase in the labour costs. If we take into account the fact, that labour costs constitute 80% of all expenses, we can say that agencies came away unscathed from the numerous changes, which allows us to be hopeful about the future.

Indeed, the predictions for the upcoming years instill optimism. According to specialists, the value of the security market in 2017-2021 will see a 3% increase every year. This is a very good forecast. If we see it happen, in 2021 the value of the physical and property market will reach over 11 million.

Technological growth

Modern technologies are increasingly important in the protection industry. According to predictions, they will be used more and more frequently, which is the effect of ever growing clients’ expectations. Both business entities and private clients expect cutting-edge solutions, which will satisfy their needs as closely as possible.

Innovative video surveillance, mobile security and intelligent analytics are aspects which increase security levels. What is especially important from the clients’ perspective, the advancing digitalisation and professionalisation of protection services leads not only to improving the safety of protected entities but also lowers their cost.

Good perspective for years to come

So far the changes have had very positive consequences for protection agencies. Clients not only accepted slightly higher prices but also broadened the range of service that they use. This shows how large the demand for professional protection services really is.

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