Protecting apartments in a block of flats – is it worth it?

The saying goes, my home is my castle. Home is not only a detached, single-family building. This word is also used to mean an apartment in a block of flats. Both in a flat and in a house we can store many valuable objects worth a lot of money but also holding a sentimental value. For this reason, it is important to secure apartments in a block of flats.
Are flat protection services a good investment? Of course they are. A flat can be burgled or damaged in a fire. An appropriately chosen alarm system will significantly lower the risk of valuable objects being stolen. What should a professional protection system of a flat look like? Here are the key elements we should pay attention to.

Protection of individuals and property. How does it work?

Employees of protection agencies in closed housing estates are a common picture. However, when we think of the protection of a specific place, it is clear that the presence of a security guard in a flat or at one’s door would be both unfounded and very expensive. One of the modern solutions in the security industry are automated protection systems. They constitute the best solution for an apartment.

How will a security system protect us against burglary and theft?

What are the main threats lurking for our flats? First of all, burglaries and thefts. The most critical places are windows and doors. They should be equipped with detectors called reed switches which easily detect a burglary attempt if windows or doors are opened. Movement detectors provide additional protection. Another important element of the system is an audio-light signalling device, which lets us know that the alarm went off. When the alarm sounds, it will scare the thief away and additionally, inform those in the surrounding area that something wrong is going on.
All these elements as well as the central alarm monitoring station are indispensible in protecting a house. In order for the security system to be highly effective, it is important to cooperate with a professional alarm monitoring station which, in case of a burglary, will dispatch an intervention group supplied with weapons and means of physical coercion. The flat is under supervision whether the owner stays in it or is far away. To sum up, contrary to common beliefs, an investment in the protection of a flat doesn’t cost a lot. It’s important to remember that an installed anti-burglary signalling system will ensure security to its residents and will protect our belongings from being stolen. One needs to take it into consideration and weigh up all the pros and cons before making a decision.

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