Safety in a commercial facility

Providing safety in a shopping centre does not only consist in taking care of the property which belongs to the facility’s owner, but first and foremost, it means that the health and lives of clients, tenants and employees of the technical control service are protected. The scale of this undertaking can be best presented with numbers. The three largest shopping centres in Warsaw are visited by over 40 million people every year. Additionally, the commodity in these galleries is worth at least tens of thousands zloty and the same amount of takings is in the cash registers. More and more commercial facilities resemble a middle-size town rather than a store because of the enormous number of people who visits it at the same time. All of these aspects generate a variety of threats ranging from minor accidents, tripping, fainting to serious criminal acts such as terrorist attacks.

Technical controls

Technical control measures are one of the most important elements used by agencies protecting a facility. Proper configuration and selection of appropriate equipment allows for a certain reduction of costs devoted for securing a building. However, no matter how many technical controls we mount in a facility, the employees of a protection agency are the determining factor. Their task is to know as much as possible and react accordingly to emerging events whether they are on duty in the monitoring centre or on foot patrol.

The right employee is the foundation of a security system

Appropriately trained and experienced security officers together with a shift commander make a team which works effectively in a variety of situations. Obviously, security services should be appropriately paid. Physical protection of facilities which is poorly rewarded carries the risk of frequent rotations and lowers the motivation to face challenges and tackle difficulties emerging in these type of buildings. Such services should be treated as an investment whose goal is to enhance the prestige of the representatives of the protection agency as well as the property manager. While choosing a protection agency, facility’s owners should pay attention not only to the price but also to the quality of the provided service. Only this approach will ensure the highest level of safety in the facility.

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